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Frying Foods Can Be Hazardous

6/8/2021 (Permalink)

Fry Pan Frying foods in hot grease require attention and no distractions to avoid a grease fire.

Unexpected events during the cooking of meals sometimes can draw the chef away, with catastrophic results. If a grease fire brings your day to a standstill, SERVPRO is ready to take charge of a seamless restoration.
Frying food needs attention without interruptions. But if you are distracted the meat sizzles, and grease ignites. As you rush back, you are greeted with a stovetop in flames. A chemical fire extinguisher snuffs the blaze, but the greasy smoke and soot already coats every surface in the kitchen and floats throughout the house. Call us before you intensify the situation because grease fire damage in your home requires a professional cleanup.
Our SERVPRO crew arrives at your grease fire with years of experience and training in abating this type of disaster. We have the equipment, tools, and know-how to restore your home “Like it never even happened.” The crew chief assesses the damage, and the team gets to work. Burned cooking vessels and their contents go in a disposal bag. We evaluate the soot coating the surfaces to determine if it wipes away with one of our spray cleaners or if abrasive techniques must be used carefully. Then the work begins.
We know how smoke and soot move during a fire, and how chemicals used to extinguish it impact the cleanup. We will inspect for hidden damage in cabinets, on window coverings, and in areas far from the fire, as ash and soot float freely. Window blinds receive an immersion cleaning; curtains bundle up and take for professional cleaning. Hard, nonporous surfaces scrub clean, upholstery and carpeting undergo deep vacuuming unless the soot is too sticky. Walls and ceilings need cleaning following the proper protocol our techs learned in industry approved certification courses.
Odors may linger, and our team works with you and your perception of smoky smells to eliminate this final evidence that a grease fire occurred. Professional deodorizing sprays can take care of the problem, but we also offer thermal fogging in persistent cases, the deodorizing compound combusting in a heated chamber that recreates the fire conditions, the better to neutralize the smell.
SERVPRO of Baxter, Boone, Fulton & Marion Counties is familiar with efficient grease fire damage restoration, ready to transform a sooty mess back to your kitchen fast. Call (866) 445-8457 to have a crew of recovery experts scheduled to abate smoke, soot, charring and other harm at your home.

Commercial Large Loss Equipment Used

6/8/2021 (Permalink)

Large Loss SERVPRO SERVPRO Large Loss

Major disasters including fires, floods, storms, severe mold growth, and accidents almost always happen without warning, leaving your property vulnerable to the effects.  The damage from a natural disaster can be particularly severe on commercial property because these properties are often much bigger than residential properties and include assets such as equipment and machinery that can sustain damage.  There is almost always a higher volume of damage when disasters strike commercial property and the cost to the company can be significant.  A company will lose money not only due to the amount of damage and cost of the restoration, but also from stopping regular business operations while the restoration process takes place.

When it comes to commercial large loss restoration, it is crucial for the job to be done quickly and efficiently to reduce the financial loss to the company.  There are several SERVPRO Commercial Large Loss Centers throughout the U.S. The key to effective large loss restoration is having the right equipment to get the job done efficiently. 

The mobile command center is an important piece of equipment for handling large commercial losses.  These command centers are large trailers that can serve as a temporary space for employees to resume business operations while the property of the business is being restored. 

It is common for businesses to lose power when a disaster causes major damage.  If there is no power on-site to power up the restoration equipment, the restoration process will take much longer.  SERVPRO Commercial Large Loss centers use mobile generators that are powerful enough to provide power to any size building

Large scale water damage can result from natural floods, storms, pipe bursts, and from extinguishing a fire if there was one on the property.  Excess water and moisture in a building will not only cause severe structural damage, but also result in the appearance of mold which will make the damage worse.  SERVPRO Commercial Large Loss centers use desiccant dehumidifier units to dry large areas affected by water damage.  These trailer mounted units use low vapor air pressure which speeds up the evaporation process by extracting the moisture from the affected materials.  This is the most effective way to handle large scale structural drying and humidity control.

As discussed above, natural disasters that result in large scale commercial losses can be devastating to a business.  However, the total losses can be limited with a quick reaction and the right equipment to complete the restoration process.  SERVPRO Commercial Loss centers across the U.S. use advanced restoration and industrial machinery to provide effective large loss restoration services when businesses need it the most.  Fast and efficient commercial restoration saves businesses money by limiting the amount of damage and reducing the amount of time a business has to suspend its operations.

If you need more info on SERVPRO Commercial Large Loss, please call SERVPRO of Baxter, Boone, Fulton & Marion Counties (866) 445.8457

Property Management Services

6/4/2021 (Permalink)

Apartment Fire Commercial Fire

Here at SERVPRO of Baxter, Boone, Fulton & Marion Counties, we're here for both residential & commercial structures. 

Commercial buildings include, but are not limited to: healthcare, education facilities, & retail. 


According to the Cambridge Dictionary, Property management is defined as: the management of land and buildings as a business, including keeping buildings in good condition and renting property.

Disaster can strike at any time, and anywhere. A good bit of facilities impacted involve property management. An example of this would be a property manager of an apartment complex. They are in charge of the building, so they unfortunately have to deal with a lot of emergencies such as water or fire damage. 

What kinds of facilities do property managers manage? There are several kinds! Here's a couple examples:

  1. Multi-level commercial buildings
  2. Multi-tenant facilities 
  3. Small Office Buildings
  4. Apartment Complexes

We work really hard at these type of facilities to make sure there are as few interruptions to tenants as possible. For example, we had an incident where there was water damage in a multi -tenant office building. Our team came in and completed the job without interfering with the other tenants. We make sure we take care of your facility ASAP and with professionalism and quality work. 

We can do work that ranges from odor removal to Fire and Water Restoration and more. We are available 24/7.

Here at SERVPRO of Baxter, Boone, Fulton & Marion Counties, we are ready to help in any sized disaster at any time! We work with property managers and be sure that they are 100% satisfied with the job we do. Our professionalism and fast-paced work helps minimize interruption for property managers during this stressful time.

If you have any questions or need anything? Give us a call toll free at 866.445.8457 -

"Like it never even happened."

Documents Damaged From Flood

6/4/2021 (Permalink)

Documents From Flood After the flood, documents need restored.

Home and Business owners know that throughout our lives we amass many important pieces of paper, from birth certificates to insurance policies. Many people don't keep our personal effects as neatly as we would like. At times life is just too busy to worry about filing. However, in the event of flood damage, it is all too easy to lose valuable documents or, even worse, find the flood waters have ruined them.

SERVPRO recommends all home and business owners take steps right now to protect their papers from flood damage. Once a natural disaster hits, it is too late to take action. Plan now so you don't lose valuable information in the event of a flood.

The first step is keeping all your relevant documents together. Gather all your records, certificates, policies and more, and put them all in one watertight lock box. In the event of a natural disaster, you can grab the box in seconds.

It's also a good idea to create backups of everything. You might keep a set of photocopies in another box in a different location. Alternatively, you might scan all your necessary documents and keep the files on CD or a USB drive. Always keep your electronic copies separate from the originals. Some people use a bank safe deposit box for their originals or keep their electronic copies in the home of a trusted friend or relative.

Keep all your most vital information in a secure box, including your birth certificate, marriage certificate, social security documents, medical documents, driver’s license, passport, home paperwork, insurance, tax records, stocks and bonds, and your will and retirement plan. It is also a good idea to keep treasured items that cannot be replaced, such as your favorite recipes, or children's' artwork or photographs.

Our IICRC-certified technicians are available to help with post-flood cleanup. We can freeze dry water-damaged papers for later restoration. We also extract water, dry your home, and deodorize after.

For help with flood cleanup in North Central Arkansas and surrounding areas call SERVPRO of Baxter, Boone, Fulton & Marion Counties at (866) 445-8457 today.

Types of Damage to Commercial Properties

6/4/2021 (Permalink)

Commercial Warehouse Be prepared to protect your commercial property.

Damage to any property can be highly stressful and expensive for the owners. If you own a commercial property, then damage can have a whole added dimension that makes matters all the worse. Fortunately, commercial restoration services exist to help restore your structure quickly and get it back to functioning normally. These services often tend to involve a range of other jobs which together can help to bring your property back to functioning order.

All the same types of damage that can affect residential properties have an equal chance of affecting commercial buildings. These include:

  • Storm and wind damage – Damage caused by strong winds and heavy rain which can rip away roof tiles, break windows and more.
  • Water damage – Water damage can be caused by burst pipes, floods, rain or a number of other things. In any case, this can result in contaminated water affecting surfaces and furniture. Electricity and water damage are particularly volatile when combined.
  • Fire damage – Fire damage can come from a cigarette that isn’t properly put out, from a gas stove or electrical malfunctions. In any case, this can then cause severe destruction to your property which requires cleaning and restoration services.
  • Mold – Mold is highly unhygienic as well as being unappealing to look at. Mold spreads quickly around properties as air-borne spores and remediation is very important to prevent it from getting out of hand.
  • Why Commercial Restoration Services Are So Important

If you have a damaged commercial property, then you need to look for a company offering commercial restoration services as quickly as possible.

As with any type of property damage, leaving it unattended could potentially cause it to get worse. Rainwater can get into your property if you have an exposed roof for instance and this can then cause mold and water damage. Likewise, if you have broken window, this can leave your commercial business vulnerable to theft and vandalism.

How Commercial Restoration Services Operate

When a business needs commercial restoration, they should look for services that provide 24-hour emergency services. These companies will be able to come out at any time of day in order to offer immediate relief and this means they can get started as soon as possible.

From here, these companies will then go about assessing the extent of the damage. This will then allow them to come up with a good plan of action for addressing the damage and for restoring your building. Often the extent of the damage might be more severe than it appears on the face of it – for instance, if mold is apparent in another room as a result of water damage, or if smoke got into an adjoining part of the building.

Ultimately, commercial restoration companies provide a wide variety of different services which together can help to clean and restore a property after it has been affected by a storm, flood, fire or any other type of damage. This will then allow you to return to business as quickly as possible.

Tips for Businesses

Knowing a good commercial restoration company is a good way to ensure you will be able to start repairing and restoring your property as soon as possible and to get to work fast. Do the research before the fact then and look into insurance as well that will cover the costs.

When you are in need of a commercial restoration companycall SERVPRO of Baxter, Boone, Fulton & Marion Counties. If your commercial property or residence is in need of restoration, whether from storm damage, water damage, fire damage or mold, we will work to restore it to its former glory. We have helped many property owners, associations and homeowners renovate and repair their properties after a disaster has struck. You can count on us for prompt, efficient, and effective service. Toll free 866.445.8457.

Why call SERVPRO on water loss

6/3/2021 (Permalink)

Water Loss Water Loss in Home

When a water related disaster strikes, water mitigation is time sensitive. Water damage can cause thousands of dollars of damage within minutes and only get worse as the hours go by. Calling a company like SERVPRO of Baxter, Boone, Fulton, & Marion Counties immediately after a water loss can help lessen the damage done by a water loss. Whether it be a burst pipe, flooded basement, or a roof leak, call us.

Within minutes of a water loss, water is absorbed into walls, floors, upholstery, and belongings. This alone can cause thousands of dollars of damage. It doesn't take long and irreversible damage could be done to wood furniture and wood floors.

In a short period of time, drywall swells, metal surfaces tarnish, and furniture begins to warp and/or mold. At this point, drywall and ceilings can become a major hazard. Swollen ceilings can begin falling and become an overhead hazard, and walls can begin to crumble. Any metal surfaces become tarnished, and furniture begins to warp. If the conditions are right, mold can grow quickly, and can thrive and spread even faster.

In just forty-eight hours to one week, mold grows, doors and furniture warp, and metal begins to rust. Mold grows on upholstery and other contents. Furniture becomes water stained and wood furniture becomes swollen and begins to disintegrate. Furniture with metal parts rust and become hard to function, if functional at all.

After just a week, structural safety becomes an issue, and mold growth and contaminants may pose serious risks. As pieces of the framework, floors, and ceiling rot out or disintegrate, it becomes a hazard to even be inside the structure.

Calling on the professionals at SERVPRO of Baxter, Boone, Fulton, & Marion Counties quickly can help prevent such damage to a structure and contents. We can help to mitigate and dry a structure and can help to save water damaged contents. When water damage strikes, you need a company that works quickly to help mitigate the amount of damage done. Call on us, and we’ll make it “Like it never even happened.”

Why SERVPRO for Mold

5/3/2021 (Permalink)

Mold Calling the professionals at SERVPRO of Baxter, Boone, Fulton, & Marion Counties is the first step in ridding your home or business of mold.

Mold is an inevitable part of the world around us. Every household has a small amount of mold in them by nature. But when you find large amounts of mold, especially in one place, then there’s a much larger problem. Understanding where mold comes from and how it works can help you to further prevent it.

So how does mold start? Mold is a living organism that can be found anywhere in the right conditions and can grow on just about any substance. If mold spores should find their way to a moist environment, the potential for mold growth is there. Mold spores are the byproduct of mold and moves through the air both inside and outside your home. This means that you could have mold in one area of your home, but the air currents could spread mold spores to other rooms.

Now that you know how mold begins, let's look at how it grows. Once mold spores have found the perfect environment, they begin to grow. Many of the materials in your home are the perfect environment for mold. Carpeting and padding, drywall, plywood, and other surfaces are likely places for mold to invade. Dust, cellulose, and other organic materials are their food source. Leaking pipes and roofing, excessive moisture in bathrooms, and additional moisture sources contribute to growth of mold. Getting rid of the food source or the moisture will get alleviate it, right? Wrong. Mold will become dormant instead, putting itself into a state of hibernation. When there’s no food, the mold “sleeps” until the food source is back to being plentiful. Mold will wait until the right conditions reappear to reactivate itself. Mold may not have an apparent source of moisture, but even just the humidity in a home can be enough for it to thrive. This moisture-laden air allows water vapor to collect on the surface the mold is living on as it condenses. You may find that you don’t have the proper vapor barriers in your home, then mold can thrive in crawl spaces and basements.

How does one get rid of mold? It’s plain to see that mold is not easy to eliminate. Although there are plenty of DIY sprays that claim to kill mold, some may in fact worsen the problem. Mold remediation is also more than just spraying the mold and forgetting about the problem. Special procedures must be taken to ensure you get all it out of your home, or you’ll find that in a short time, you’re back to square one with hidden mold spreading back to where you just cleaned it.

Do I really need to worry about mold? The short answer is, yes. Though most mold is harmless and simply unsightly, it’s better to be safe than sorry.

What do I do when I find mold? Call SERVPRO of Baxter, Boone, Fulton, & Marion Counties to take care of the mold for you! Mold isn’t one of the most straightforward problems to get rid of in your home. It can be very easy to miss a spot here or there and allow it to retake a substantial foothold after a short time. SERVPRO of Baxter, Boone, Fulton, & Marion Counties has a thorough mold process to ensure the mold doesn’t come back. We are familiar with how mold grows and behaves, so we have a better chance of removing it all the right way, the first time. Call us today! And we’ll make it “Like it never even happened.”

What to Expect After Contacting SERVPRO

3/15/2021 (Permalink)

SERVPRO 24/7 SERVPRO of Baxter, Boone, Fulton & Marion Counties in North Central Arkansas with teams available 24/7, call (866) 445-8457

If a client has experienced damage to their home, it is important to act quickly. SERVPRO’s 24-hour availability is a top choice for many insurance agencies. Here is what you can expect during the first several hours after contacting SERVPRO.

  1. A Quick Response

When a building has been damaged, the response time is an important factor in how time-consuming and how costly restoration will be. SERVPRO is always open, so you can expect to hear back within an hour after you have contacted them about the emergency. Once you have provided them with the necessary information, they will begin preparing to address the needs of your client.

  1. Arrival to the Damaged Site

With over 1,700 locations, SERVPRO can arrive quickly to any emergency. They can be on site to begin the restoration process within four hours. This fast response can make a huge difference if your client’s home has suffered a great deal of damage. Beginning the process more quickly will result in less damage overall which can end up costing the insurance agency less money.

  1. Inspection and a Verbal Briefing

Once SERVPRO of Baxter, Boone, Fulton & Marion Counties arrives, they will inspect the home to determine the extent of the damage and decide on the best course of action moving forward. This should all happen within eight hours of your initial call. They will provide a verbal briefing so that you and your client are aware of what will happen next. Their quick 24-hour response will allow them to begin mitigation as soon as possible to prevent any further damage before they begin work on necessary repairs.

Because it can spread and worsen quickly, the 24-hour period after damage has occurred is crucial. SERVPRO’s fast response will save the agency money and allow your client to have their home back sooner.

SERVPRO of Baxter, Boone, Fulton & Marion Counties has teams available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, call (866) 445-8457.

Learn How SERVPRO Cleans and Restores Office Spaces

3/12/2021 (Permalink)

Water in Office Space Water removal is the first step in bringing a saturated location back to its original dry condition.

Water line breaks, damaged roofing, faulty sprinklers, or water used during firefighting on a structure can all lead to a water-logged mess. Water affects different things according to the porosity of the material from which it was constructed. Offices in our area can rely on commercial water removal services to regain control over their environment once again after a disaster. Our technicians have been trained and are experienced in mitigating water problems, in both large and small environments. At SERVPRO of Baxter, Boone, Fulton & Marion Counties, our training results in certification from the IICRC, ensuring that our technicians can provide the services required regardless of the disaster type, size, or level of complexity. Having a mess in only one secluded section of your office, if large, never is a guarantee that equipment stored elsewhere is protected from damage. Water takes three forms, and humidity travels quite easily inside an enclosed area like your office. In smaller offices, this type of damage can happen much more quickly than in a larger one. When the water came from a contaminated source, our services also include effective decontamination methods that render your space is clean and free of any pathogens or other substances that can cause harm or illness. You, your employees, and your customers deserve a germ free environment in which to conduct business, and we can help, even if the situation seems hopeless. Water removal is the primary step in bringing a saturated location back to its original dry condition. SERVPRO of Baxter, Boone, Fulton & Marion Counties uses pump trucks for standing water, hand-held units that extract water from water-logged porous materials such as carpets and furniture, specialized pads to increase the evaporation rate of water held inside floors, and a combination of dehumidifiers, air movers, and heaters for removing the last traces of humidity from the air.

Locally Owned Company with National Resources

SERVPRO of Baxter, Boone, Fulton & Marion Counties wants to help whenever your office needs us. No disaster is off-limits for us, so don't hesitate to call. Our number, (870) 424-0296, is answered 24/7 including holidays.

Have Mold in Your Home or Business?

3/3/2021 (Permalink)

mold door If you see MOLD call SERVPRO of Baxter, Boone, Fulton & Marion Counties!

If you have recently found yourself in an unfortunate situation in which you have found mold within the interior premises of your home or business, then it may be of a benefit for you to know that there are options for removal. Oftentimes, people will be doing their routine everyday tasks and then find mold that has been growing for quite some time in some corner, crack, or crevice. Although it may have been growing there for a while, it's important to know that it could also be a sign that there's mold growing elsewhere within the property as well.

An Environmental Hygienist is going to give you a myriad of benefits if you ask for their services. With microbial growth, you will come to find out that it is not only detrimental to the conditions of your home, but also your health if you do not take the proper precautionary steps of advice that will be given to you. 

A mold cleanup task is always recommended when someone unexpectedly finds mold in their home. An Environmental Hygienist will be able to assist with such a situation in which the home or business owner has stumbled across mildew. It is certainly something that can spread over time and in to prevent that from occurring they will need to see a specialist who will be able to remove the microbial growth as soon as possible. 

Arkansas is a state that often experiences a lot of rain. In the case the rain occurs during warm weather, there is a chance that the environment could be quite humid. This is when microbial growth has the best chances of forming and can appear in any area of a home or business. Some other causes of mildew growth are leaking pipelines, drain/pipeline bursts, flooding, and more. An Environmental Hygienist can provide you with an adequate amount of guidance on how to keep your property clean from there on out. It is recommended for you to follow the guidance that they provide and if you are to fall behind on your needs of keeping the property clean or lack in your maintenance needs, it is highly possible that the bacteria that you had attained services for could start forming back again. In such cases, there could possibly be a bigger problem on your hands. Whichever the case may be, it is highly recommended for you to contact a mold cleanup specialist (SERVPRO) first to conduct a removal and see if the problem persists after some time. If not, then you may have conducted the only form of solution that you would have needed. Visit if you suspect mold in your home or business, or call SERVPRO of Baxter, Boone, Fulton & Marion Counties at (866) 445-8457.