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A house whose roof has been partially ripped off by a tornado.

Tornado Takes Part of Roof Off House

A tornado took the roof off of a local house. The heavy rains poured in and caused a ton of ceiling water damage throughout the house, especially over the children's rooms. SERVPRO of Baxter, Boone, Fulton, & Marion Counties was called in, and we quickly took care of the damage.

Wet insulation and ceiling drywall littered all over a floor and various furniture and copier.

Damage to Roof From Storm Causes Water Damage

When a storm rolled through with high winds, a local business sustained roof damage and heavy water damage. The heavy rain flooded in and caused part of the ceiling to collapse, littering insulation and drywall everywhere. The interior also became soaked with water, and SERVPRO of Baxter, Boone, Fulton, & Marion Counties was called to handle it.

An office setting with a large wet portion of carpeting and a small portion of dry carpeting in the foreground.

Ruptured Pipe Flooded Office

After a ruptured pipe under a bathroom sink, the entire waiting and reception areas of the office were flooded along with several small storage rooms and other office spaces. SERVPRO  of Baxter, Boone, Fulton, & Marion Counties was called to extract water and dry contents and structure. We cleaned up all the water and dried everything out, and made it "Like it never even happened."

A kitchen fridge and microwave. In the background is a blue tarp and a bunch of debris from the roof caving in after a storm.

Large Tree Fell on Home Causing Storm and Water Damage

This picture shows only a part of the damage to a house from a severe thunder storm. High winds blew a tree over onto the house and tore a hole in the downstairs laundry room area and the upstairs master bedroom. Water damage occurred in the master bedroom, the downstairs laundry room, the kitchen, and put 2 to 3 inches of water in the basement! SERVPRO of Baxter, Boone, Fulton, & Marion Counties was able to extract and mitigate the water and removed contents from the house so that construction could begin.

Drywall ceilings have fallen in a bedroom and litter the room and bed with pieces.

Sudden Water Pipe Burst Causes Major Damage

After a pipe suddenly burst in a home owner's attic, the immense amount of water made the ceiling collapse into the room below. Drywall and insulation went everywhere, and water damaged a lot of contents; including the mattress.

Carpeting has been pulled back to reveal a very large, black moldy water spot on the subfloor.

Time is Important in Water Mitigation

Waiting to mitigate water damage can cause even more costly damage. This mold was found in a home after pulling up the carpet for mitigation. Don't wait to mitigate! In the right conditions, mold can grow, thrive, and spread in hours.

A burned up water heater sitting next to a white burned up cabinet. Soot covers the cabinet, walls, and water heater.

Fire Caused By Water Heater

A fire caused by a water heater catching fire spread heavy soot throughout the house. The fire burned so hot that the fan blades in the next room wilted, and the ceiling in the utility room where the water heater was located broke apart and fell down.

A cream colored wall and a brown door with heavy black soot halfway down the wall and door. Windows on the left are broken.

Heavy Fire and Soot Damage After Cordless Rotary Tool Combusted

A fire in a local home was caused by a cordless rotary tool that spontaneously combusted. The fire destroyed the entire office it was being stored in, and caused a lot of heat and soot damage to the kitchen. Heavy soot damage was found throughout the house, even in rooms that were more than 25 feet away from the initial site of the fire.

A corner of a room and a window both caked with nicotine before being cleaned, and the after, clean white result on the right


We cleaned a house with heavy nicotine and cigarette damage. This was a corner of the living room before being cleaned, caked in nicotine, and the final result after we cleaned the house.

The windows were awful in the two smaller rooms, and had thick, brown nicotine caked up on the tops of the windows and the windowsills, and the glass was clouded. After being cleaned by our crew, they look brand new again!

A man in SERVPRO uniform uses a dolly to bring boxes off of a moving truck while other men carry boxes behind him.

The SERVPRO Difference

Our team unloaded approximately 6 moving truck loads full into our shop from a house that was struck by lightning and set on fire. The home owners needed certain items soon after, and with our inventory process, we were able to quickly locate the items and get them back to the home owners faster than they could say Jenga!

No Job Is Too Large

The SERVPRO Commercial Large Loss Division is composed of our best of the best in restoration. Our elite large-loss specialists are prequalified and strategically positioned throughout the United States to handle any size disaster.

Every large loss is supervised by a commercial operations manager to help ensure seamless communication and timely mitigation.

At SERVPRO, the difference is our ability to dispatch trained production professionals and cut costs through the strategic placement and oversight of temporary labor. Get the professionals, call SERVPRO.

Clients for the Commercial Large Loss program include the following:

  • The Hospitality Industry
  • Property Managers
  • Universities
  • Municipalities
  • The Pentagon

Should a storm or major event strike, call (866) 445-8457

Commercial Dehumidification

The SERVPRO of Baxter, Boone, Fulton & Marion Counties team is constantly keeping up with commercial drying techniques, as well as continuing to invest in state-of-the-art commercial drying equipment. This is one of our larger (LGR) dehumidifiers designed to dry in a fraction of the time as other dehumidifiers.

Specialized Equipment to Dry Wood Floors

Rescue Mats are designed to dry hardwood floors and offers the most efficient way to extract water vapor from hard wood floors. The mats create a powerful seal for the greatest possible suction.

We are proud to have the latest technology for Water Restoration from moisture detection to injection drying and rescue mat systems like this one.

New Service Van added to our fleet

SERVPRO of Baxter, Boone, Fulton & Marion Counties has added several new vehicles to our service fleet. We cover North Central Arkansas and South Central Missouri for Fire and Water Restoration, Mold Mitigation, Sewer backups. Having required vehicles available for our crews to travel to all parts of our territory daily gives us the ability to handle many projects at one time.

Mold in Crawlspace

Crawl space mold can be the most difficult and costliest of mold removal projects due to space restrictions and the time and tools it takes to properly remove mold from these areas (basement mold remediation is often no picnic either, especially after heavy flooding).

We’ve read studies that indicate that an estimated whopping 60% of homes have crawl space mold!

Call SERVPRO of Baxter, Boone, Fulton & Marion Counties at (866) 445-8457 to setup a Mold Inspection!

Mold in Vacant Home

This is a call we receive all too often! A vacant home, many times on the market for sale. The homeowner decides to turn off the utilities to the home to save money. After a period of time the home ends up looking as the photo above. You have to remember, in summer the home heats up during the daytime and cools off at nighttime causing condensation on everything. Plus no air is moving, perfect for mold growth. SERVPRO of Baxter, Boone, Fulton & Marion Counties can help with mold remediation.

Extreme Mold in Vacation Home

Mountain Home, AR is home to many vacation homes of all sizes. The home pictured is very large and overlooks one of the lakes. The homeowner had a neighbor checking on the home, but the neighbor had been sick and unable to check on the home. The home featured an instant hot water system, which had failed and running unchecked for long period of time. The homeowner found all 3 floors of the home like the photo above. SERVPRO of Baxter, Boone, Fulton & Marion Counties was called in to clean up the mold.

Manufacturing Plant has Storm Damage

A Severe Thunderstorm hits Melbourne, AR and does roof damage to plant. SERVPRO of Baxter, Boone, Fulton & Marion Counties was called in to cleanup the mess. Around 20 thousand square feet were affected when rain water entered building. SERVPRO worked with roofing contractor to fix roof first, then we begain drying and cleaning the building.

Finished Basement Floods from New Bathtub Upstairs

Homeowners returned from trip out of town to discover heavy water damage in basement. Prior to going on trip, they had the master bath upstairs remolded. New faucet on tub had gasket installed incorrectly and begin leaking after they left.  

Mexican Restaurant Kitchen Fire

SERVPRO of Baxter, Boone, Fulton & Marion Counties received the call for a fire at Mexican restaurant in Harrison, AR. Much of the kitchen was destroyed and large hole in roof. Worked with contractor to repair roof, then we started the cleanup process.

Storm Damage to Roof of Home

SERVPRO of Baxter, Boone, Fulton & Marion Counties received a call from a home owner that had sustained roof damage from a thunderstorm in the area. As a result of the damage to the home, water entered the home from several areas. After repairs to the roof, we started removing contents to our warehouse to dry. We opened up ceilings, walls and flooring to begin drying the home. Once dry we returned the contents.

Lightning Strike in Mountain Home

SERVPRO of Baxter, Boone, Fulton & Marion Counties received a call from the insurance carrier of a home that had been struck by lightning during a thunderstorm. We inspected the house and found the lightning had came through roof into bathroom/ closet area of home. Smoke odor was very strong in home, we removed all burned sections of room and deodorized the home.

Gainsville Fire Department Flood Damage

SERVPRO of Baxter, Boone, Fulton & Marion Counties were asked to visit the flood damaged fire department to advise them on cleanup. We toured the facility to get an idea of the damage, and to see if we could clean and dry some of the contents. As we put together a plan to help them out, we received a call that the building had burned the night before!

Local Home with Water Damage

SERVPRO of Baxter, Boone, Fulton & Marion Counties were called to local home with water damage. Toilet off second floor bathroom had overflowed and flooded a couple of bedrooms and mudroom and garage downstairs. We removed flooring, opened up ceilings and setup drying equipment to get home dry. Homeowners were very thankful for our services.

Office Complex with Water Damage

SERVPRO of Baxter, Boone, Fulton & Marion Counties received a frantic call from the Maintenance Department around 11:30pm. A sprinkler head had gone off and flooded 3 stories of the office complex. We had a crew along with the maintenance employees all night extracting water and setting up drying equipment.

Local Dentist Office Water Damage

SERVPRO of Baxter, Boone, Fulton & Marion Counties were called to a local dentist office when water was noticed on floor. A toilet supply line had broke off from toilet and placed a large amount of water in the office. We worked around the office staff to get water extracted and the office dry.

Area Pharmacy has Water Damage from Frozen Pipe

SERVPRO of Baxter, Boone, Fulton & Marion Counties were called to an area pharmacy after water was discovered running down wall and covering floor. A pipe had frozen and burst in the ceiling causing damage to the pharmacy. We were called in to open up ceiling and affected walls. Extracted water from carpet and setup drying equipment.

Garage Fire Started by Space Heater

SERVPRO of Baxter, Boone, Fulton & Marion Counties were called to a home that had experienced a fire in their garage. A space heater was operating in the garage area when it caught the wall on fire and smoked up the contents of the garage. Luckily the home owner was home at the time. We removed all the contents to our warehouse to clean and deodorize.

Frozen pipe in local church

SERVPRO of Baxter, Boone, Fulton & Marion Counties had many calls this past winter for frozen pipes. We were called to a local church that had pipes freeze and burst in the Men's Restroom and flooded a large portion of the church. We were able to get everything dry in just a few days.

Unfortunate Fire in Home Under Construction

SERVPRO of Baxter, Boone, Fulton & Marion Counties was called to the location of a  large home under construction. A fire had occurred in the HVAC system, was extinguished quickly but left heavy soot on foam insulation and joist in home. We had to remove all that spray foam! After removal, had home media blasted. 

Home, Health & Garden Show

Home, Health & Garden Show in Harrison, AR. SERVPRO of Baxter, Boone, Fulton & Marion Counties would like to thank everyone who came to the show on Saturday. Was a rainy and stormy day but a lot of good products and information was available for everyone. This was the first year for the Home, Health & Garden Show, replacing the Business Expo in past years. The format of the show included the aisles of vendor booths plus hourly seminars, the most interesting was provided by the Boone County Master Gardeners. Look forward to being there next year!

Stain Glass Window Damage

St. Andrew's Episcopal Church in Mountain Home,AR had one of their stained glass windows leaking. The window had developed a leak and water was running down the inside of the wall. SERVPRO of Baxter, Boone, Fulton & Marion Counties was called in to demo the wall and floor below the window. We were able to complete job in short order and the dry wall and flooring replaced before next church service.

Wherever it is hiding, mold will be found by our trained technicians.

SERVPRO of Baxter, Boone, Fulton & Marion Counties follows EPA mold remediation guidelines to remediate mold issues, helping you clean and dry, materials, items, and surfaces within 48-hours that reduce your family's exposure to harmful bacteria and germs. These guidelines provide technicians standards and procedures to follow that promote providing practical answers to mold remediation projects, both big and small.

A man stands wearing a respirator and a bag over his head while another man pumps a bitter mist into the bag to do a fit test

Respirator Fit Test Protocols

A respirator fit test checks whether a respirator properly fits the face of someone who wears it. The fitting characteristic of a respirator is the ability of the mask to separate a worker's respiratory system from ambient air. This is achieved by tightly pressing the mask flush against the face (without gaps) to ensure an efficient seal on the mask perimeter.

Wind damage in Cotter

Bedroom with a sunroof?  After a strong thunderstorm with 60+ mph winds blew through Cotter, the ceiling was partially blown off this house. Heavy rains did additional damage. SERVPRO was called in to make it "Like it never even happened."

Baxter County Courthouse

Baxter County Courthouse after a recent heavy rain had some water enter the basement. The rain water entered the elevator shaft and caused hydraulic oil to enter basement floor. SERVPRO of Baxter, Boone, Fulton & Marion Counties worked with a Hazardous Materials Company to remove oil from the floor. SERVPRO used Dehumidifiers and fans to dry out the basement, taking special attention with all the files.

Sewage Backup in Harrison,AR

The homeowner had a sewage backup in her home in Harrison,AR. She called SERVPRO of Baxter, Boone, Fulton & Marion Counties to help out, we already had a crew in Harrison on another job. The homeowner wrote - "Team was amazing! Even after a long day at another house, they came BACK and worked on my raw sewage until 9pm. Very courteous, knowledgeable and friendly even after their long day. Also, the team manager was efficient and very clear with pricing and with insurance information. He followed up 3 times, and each time he was clear and what we decided on happened! Kudos to an amazing service team!"

Our 12,000 square foot facility.

Whether your home or office has been affected by fire or water damage rest assured if the need arises to temporarily store items at our facility we have the capability.

Interior view of our 12,000 square foot facility

We have the space to store items from your home or office in a safe, clean environment.

Our Clean room storage of personal contents

Had a fire in your home or office? If need be we can clean those items at our facility. This is how we make disasters "like it never even happened."