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A man stands wearing a respirator and a bag over his head while another man pumps a bitter mist into the bag to do a fit test

Respirator Fit Test Protocols

A respirator fit test checks whether a respirator properly fits the face of someone who wears it. The fitting characteristic of a respirator is the ability of the mask to separate a worker's respiratory system from ambient air. This is achieved by tightly pressing the mask flush against the face (without gaps) to ensure an efficient seal on the mask perimeter.

Our 12,000 square foot facility.

Whether your home or office has been affected by fire or water damage rest assured if the need arises to temporarily store items at our facility we have the capability.

Interior view of our 12,000 square foot facility

We have the space to store items from your home or office in a safe, clean environment.

Our Clean room storage of personal contents

Had a fire in your home or office? If need be we can clean those items at our facility. This is how we make disasters "like it never even happened."